Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Saga FLX Specialist

Change Engine Oil & Proton CVTF

Change Timingbelt

Change CVTF / Filter Kit / Computer Tuning

Change Engine Oil

Change Timingbelt & Fanbelt

Change CLutch PUmp

FLX Timingbelt RM 430 with installation complete set with bearing n oil seal 

Saga BLM Specialist

Majorservice Package COMBO - Full Service Every 80 000km

Timingbelt & Silicone Valve Cover Gasket

Timingbelt & Silicone Valve Cover Gasket 

Proton Preve Specialist

Preve Turbo Change Timingbelt / Waterpump / Coolant

Preve Turbo Change M7 Fully Syn Engine Oil 

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Top Overhaul Specialist

Saga FLX - Top Overhaul Due To Timingbelt Snap

Viva - Top Overhaul Due To Overheat


Naza Suria

Perodua Kancil


Kancil - Change Manual To Auto Tranny

Perdana V6 - Full Service Clear leaking

Kancil l2s - Change AUto Gearbox

Luxury Service

Preve - Change Wheel Bearing

Stream - Change M7 Fully Engine Oil

Wish - Change Gear Lever / CVTF


Persona - Change Timingbelt / Silicone Valve Cover

Saga - Engine 4g93 - Change Timingbelt / Iridium Spark Plug

Waja - Change Timingbelt

Halfcut Installation DONE

L602s DONE - Mr Suhadi From Jitra

L602s DONE - Mr Yusz from Sungai Petani

Engine Bay Paintworks

Halfcut Installation DONE

Kenari Convert YRV n/a

Engine Bay Paintwors

Gearbox Issue

Naza Sutera - Change Clutch Set

Viva - Clear Auto Gearbox Leaking

Myvi 1.0 - Change Manual Gearbox

Major Service Package

Exora CPS - Change Timingbelt & Service

Persona - Change Timingbelt / Silicone Valve Cover

Viva - Timingbelt / Fanbelt

Hyundai Atos - Timingbelt / Waterpump / Full Service

Neo - Majorservice Package

Waja Campro - Majorservice Package

Viva - Majorservice Package

Citra - Timingbelt / Fanbelt